Hexagon Green Biotech Sdn Bhd


BioNexus Status Companies

Hexagon Green is a commercial propagator and supplier of tissue-cultured planting materials including plantlets, potted plants, cuttings of orchid, banana, vanilla, stevia, pineapple, strawberry, chrysanthemum, citrus, agarwood, giant grass, more than 20 hybrids of orchid cut-flowers and ornamental foliage such as mostera and cordyline.

Products / Services Offered :

  • Orchid, Banana, Vanilla and Pineapple plantlets/nursery plants. Dendrobium, Mokara, Aranda, Oncidium orchid cut-flowers and Phalaenopsis orchid plants. Orchid and Banana Starter Kits. Mostera and Cordyline foliage. Orchid cut-flower business and floral arrangement workshop

Brand Name :
Hexagon Green

List of Award :

  • 1-InnoCERT AA certified SME company
  • Silver Medal InnoBio 2011 Award on Orchid Starter Kit

Office Address :
Makmal Flora Vitro (Blok 54),
Taman Teknologi Agensi Nuklear Malaysia,
Jalan Dengkil, Bangi,
43000 Kajang, Selangor

Contact Person:
Dr. Md. Yusof Husin

Tel No : 603-8926 5661/5401
Fax No : 603-8926 5410

Email : hexgreen@streamyx.com , mdyusofhusin@yahoo.com
Website : www.hexagongreen.com