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Asma Agro produces and supplies MD2 pineapple plantlets via tissue culture and nursery propagation technologies (including media recipe, formulation, plant processing and maintenance procedures).

The germplasm used for the culturing process is licensed and possess DNA fingerprinting which ensurses production of true-to-type plantlets in the whole production line. MD2 is a hybrid pineapple which becomes the standard for international market because of its colour, flavor, shape, life span and ripeness superior to other varieties. It ripens evenly and has a longer shelf life (30 days) upon harvest as compared to other varieties. The plant morphology includes having spineless leaves, making it more convenient for maintenance and harvesting.

Products / Services Offered :

  • Sale and supply of fresh MD2 pineapple fruits
  • Sale and supply of MD2 pineapple suckers
  • Buy-back of MD2 pineapple fruits that originate from our MD2 pineapple suckers

Brand Name
Dinar Pineapple Fruits
Dinar Pineapple Suckers

Block 4, UTM-MTDC Technovation Centre,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310
Skudai, Johor.

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Haji Hisham Jabir

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